How To Use These Recipes

How To Use These Recipes

When we wrote these recipes, our goal is to make them as focused as possible and as re-usable as possible. Instead of an in-depth tutorial, these recipes are designed to be concise as possible with very minimal descriptions. Some recipes to get configured require steps that are laid out in order, where others should be just copy and paste into your theme/plugin. We will provide any in-depth tutorials where we see fit and link to them on Server Side Up.

With that being said there are a few aspects I'd like to point out.

1. Function and Variable Prefixes

Reading these recipes, you will see a lot of functions and variables with the prefix ssu_. This is intentional. First, it's highly recommended to prefix any custom code in WordPress so other plugins don't interfere and your method/variable doesn't get used/called when it's not intended to. By using this prefix, you can find and replace easily when implementing a recipe and it will remind you to prefix the implementation.

2. Just Copy and Paste

We will provide instructions with code on where these recipes should go. Our naming conventions MAY NOT be the same as yours, but we will provide enough information where you should be able to place the pieces of each recipe. Some recipes will contain more "ingredients" than others such as Javascript, CSS, and PHP code. We will separate these out when possible so you can place them in your plugin/theme at will.