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Make WordPress Development Easier

WordPress is easy to get started with, but too easy to develop incorrectly for.

The WordPress ecosystem is filled with a "just install a plugin" mindset. The more plugins you install, the more challenging WordPress becomes to maintain. Everytime you press the update button can be like playing a nightmare version of Jenga.

We've been working with WordPress for over 14 years and have developed a number of custom mobile and web apps with other modern development frameworks. We still loop back to WordPress for blogs and e-commerce (with WooCommerce).

Along our journey of developing mobile and web apps, we took the modern development practices we learned and applied them to WordPress.

Our WordPress development is now faster and easier to maintain. Most of the time we don't need to install a third party plugin. If we do, we have tips on how to spot the quality ones.

We want to share our experience with you in an open and freely accessible guide.

Why "WP Dev Recipes"?

We created a collection of "recipes" to make it easier for you to build and maintain your next WordPress project.

Each recipe is modular and re-usable that solves one problem, very well
We cover many undocumented features inside of WordPress
You'll never need to install plugins to solve simple functionality
All source code is freely available under the MIT license
Every recipe follows modern development practices

Questions, Comments, Ideas?

We want this to be a living, breathing document and have these recipes be usable in as many ways as possible. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, feel free to open a thread on our community.

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